I Dream…

I dream of an India,

where growth is not defined by GDP ,“world-class” infrastructure and stock markets

where governance is participatory, with communities being the rightful stakeholders in any decision, and not dictated by the whims of  a politician or bureaucrat who sits in confined echelons of a far away city

where the environment and human resources are not exploited in the name of free markets and development

where priority is given to Right to Education rather than building “world-class” airports

where there is no discrimination based on race, gender, religion, caste, occupation

where there is no corruption

where law and order is not in the hands of goons and corrupt politicians

where priority is given to development of sports in the remote corners of the country instead of building glitzy stadia and “world-class” infrastructure

where democratic participation does not rest in the hands of the elite few

where the rights of indigenous people are not foregone in the name of neoliberal policies

where political parties are based on ideologies and not convenience

where every industry is given its due importance

where burgeoning landfills are not the norm

where success is not defined by materialism

where the civic sense is truly “world-class”

where believers of all religions and non-believers have equal rights

where the judicial system is efficient ,fair and just

where the roots of terrorism and extremism are tackled with political solutions

where borders are only academic in nature

where all states truly feel to be a part of the nation

where politicians deserve respect

where unity in diversity is no more a rhetoric

where the rich natural and cultural heritage is preserved for the future generations

where arts and freedom of speech is encouraged

where success does not depend on whom you are connected to

where democracy is truly of the people, by the people, for the people

where the future is bright and sustainable.

I dream.



12 thoughts on “I Dream…

  1. where children are not employed as cheap labour
    where one helps another not expecting in return a favor
    where we can breathe deeply again
    our trees
    where humanity lives again in peace

  2. I agree to everything but where priority is given to development of sports in the remote corners of the country instead of building glitzy stadia and “world-class” infrastructure.

    Development of sports in remote corners is welcome but a country also needs world class infrastructure and stadia, if not where would International events be played. This glitz generates the interest among youth for sports, also it brings in foreign exchange.

    • Thanks for expressing your views Charan.Its refreshing to have such debates!
      I would like to draw your attention here towards your own words.
      “Development of sports in remote corners is welcome but a country also needs world class infrastructure”
      I’m glad that you added an also there.I’m not against constructing large world-class stadia per se.What I’m against is giving that the sole priority over Policies like this—> http://pib.nic.in/release/release.asp?relid=29424. Mani Shankar Aiyar,the then Sports Minister had the vision to come with a “Sports for All” Policy.To foster a healthy sports culture in the grass roots.A Sachin Tendulkar emerged after playing at the grounds of Shivaji Park.A Vijender Singh emerged from the Bhiwani Boxing Club(ever heard of that place before they became boxing champions?).
      But alas,all funds were diverted towards Commonwealth Games,and the “Sports for All” Policy remains rotting.I needn’t comment more on the state of CWG.
      And coming to your point of foreign exchange,IMHO that’s not the main aim of developing sports,and should not be!

  3. Where life we live and let live brings a smile on every face
    Where government reforms and relief move beyond paper work
    Where every individual is aware of his/her power to bring about that change
    Where a world of a differece starts with an effort like yours…
    So you just took india a step closer to the india you dream of!!
    Corruption and hurdles exist to get people like us thinking of ways to bring about that change.
    The change we want to see we should be willing to be.

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